Gigot is a Go Game written in Java as a University Project. As the game was fun to develop, I decided to maintain it and develop more and more features.

Here are some of the actual features :

  • Human VS. Human game
  • Human VS. AI (Easy) game
  • AI VS. AI (Easy) game

Here are what I'm about to add in next releases ;

  • Hard AI
  • Choose the board size
  • Network game???

What are the rules?

For this part, I let you read this article : Wikipedia Article about Go

Is it free?

Yes! This game is absolutely free and ad-free so... enjoy!

What do I need?

First, you need Java Virtual Machine (Download), and you need to download the latest release of Gigot here. Then, follow the "readme"...

Can I help?

Of course! You can either report some issues/improvements by using the BugTracker or by using the Contact Form


Screenshots available soon...


Source 1.0 : Gigot-1.0-src.tar.gz (MD5 : )

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