After a phone failure last week, I decided to create this little software that should have help me gaining some time.

The goal is to save instantly the SMS/MMS phone database, restore it but also some extra functions for those who want... Helpful if you are such a flashaholic ou if you have important SMS/MMS.

For the moment, it's only version 0.4 but I have some ideas like :

  • All ADB functions
  • Extraction from a clockworkmod save file
  • etc...

Only tested on DHD so it's up to you to try on your device...

As I am rooted, I tested it directly uneder android but it may work under hboot. I'll try it soon.

Reboot your phone as soon as your restore is done, it will avoid you from lost SMS/MMS or other problems...

Use it at your own risks, even if I tried several times on my own phone without issues (Better to say it...)

Is it free?

Yes! This tool is absolutely free and ad-free so... enjoy!

What do I need?

Simply download the correct file here and follow the readme...

Can I help

Of course! You can either report some issues/improvements by using the Contact Form

Or you can access the bugtracker here


image 1 image 2
image 3 image 4


Portable version (Windows) : (15.6Mo) (MD5 : 5290a8e710fb417d42edf79b4a40ebed )

Installation file (Windows) : SimATools.exe (10.7Mo) (MD5 : cd4ea12ef0ce1b98c0d8397b25b6f610 )

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